When you first hear the name UnoTheActivist, then find out it's a rapper's moniker, you may assume he indulges in a certain over-the-counter prescription drug. However, the Atlanta rapper has a deeper meaning for his name than getting turnt.

For the second installment of XXL's What's My Name? series, UnoTheActivist explains the true origin behind his rap name since many fans have been confused by it over time. First, he dives into the background behind "Uno," which the rapper says was given to him by his absentee father. Born Troy Lane, Uno was raised by his mother after his dad went off to play college football. The "Grady baby" was the first of two sons, hence the Spanish nickname of "one."

As for "TheActivist," Uno says he got that from being "the only positive nigga in the trap." "I'm the nigga who never shot craps," the 22-year-old Atlanta native tells XXL. Instead of making a name for himself in the streets, the "Sometimes I Wonder" rhymer opted to engage in legal trapping. "I'm here to give back to the kids," Uno shares. "I'm here to inspire the kids [and let them know] that you ain't gotta sell your soul, you ain't gotta sell these drugs; you ain't gotta do none of that."

The latter part of his name was the end result, since "it just kinda rolled off the tongue," according to him. Still, Uno's homies in the trap were sure it was a play on Actavis, a pharmaceutical brand that produces promethazine-codeine, the drug of choice for many rap stars. In an attempt to explain the difference, Uno writes out both terms and explains that Actavis is indeed " the syrup."

Earlier this month, UnoTheActivist dropped off the second of three EPs in his Limbus series. "Pt. 1 was more on some grungy shit," he explains. "Pt. 2 more on some, it's aight, now I'm feelin' like I'm the man now a little bit, type shit." While there's no set release date for Limbus, Pt. 3, fans can expect "a street classic mixed with a goddamn party classic mixed with a pop classic." "It's all that," Uno confirms.

Find out more about UnoTheActivist in XXL's What's My Name? above.

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