Like many people, Ugly God likes to do his shopping at Walmart, but unlike most people, the rapper treats his visits a little differently.

According to Ugly God, when he visits Walmart, he likes to stuff items in his pockets and boxers and then surprise the employees when he heads to the register and pays for the items. The rapper made the odd revelation on Instagram, detailing exactly what he does.

"When I go to Walmart, I like stuffing a whole bunch of stuff in my pockets and boxers and acting sneaky, but purposely letting the employees see me so when they get the whole Walmart staff to follow me and call the police, I walk to the cash registers and take everything out my pockets and boxers and then take out like $50k in cash out my little bag and then smile back at the employees and then pay for my stuff with my credit card just to waste their time and hopes of catching a young black man," the rapper wrote.

While the 2017 XXL Freshman is known for his sense of humor, the rapper is looking to take a more mature approach. "I talked to one of the smartest guys I've ever met in my life, and he helped me come to my senses," Ugly God stated in a Snapchat post.

"While my 'joke-around' songs are fun to make and turn up to, I’m creating no kind of substance or mark," he continued. "I just want to bring to light that I am very [versatile], but I have been scared to show my versatility for all this time because I didn't get into the position I am in now because of my versatility. I felt like if I did show my versatility, people would stop fucking with me."

Ugly God is also gearing up for the release of his debut album. The rapper unveiled the artwork in Sepetember but has yet to reveal a release date for the project.

Check out Ugly God's Instagram post below.

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