Ugly God is not just a viral sensation. The Houston rapper has transcended the digital world to land on the Billboard Hot 100 and get the attention of the radio. One such radio station is Power 106 in Los Angeles, which had Ugly God stop by to spit an unreleased verse and break it down.

“I done came up and got famous/I’ma go in, no replacement/$35k on my bracelet/Niggas is bitches, I don’t fuck with niggas/I can’t fuck with niggas like racists/Hoes on my dick, I put gold on my wrist/Now, my neck really gold like a Penguin/I’ll pop yo bitch, I got ice on my wrist cause she see my dick hard like the pavement,” Ugly God raps.

Ugly God is starting to receive more recognition, but he's not concerned with getting rich and famous. The Texas rapper told XXL that he has bigger goals in mind.

“I don’t care about getting rich off of music," he said. "If that happens that would be awesome. But I’m going to be legendary. My honesty, I feel like no one is honest anymore. You have a few but… I make it fun. I’m not worried about how can I make a radio hit. I’m not worried about that.”

Check out XXL's entire interview with Ugly God here, if you have not already, and watch the "Water" MC spit his unreleased verse below.

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