Since breaking onto the rap scene in 2016, rapper Ugly God has certainly made his presence felt. Charting on the Billboard Hot 100 with his catchy tune, “Water,” and earning a spot in XXL’s 2017 Freshman Class, the Indiana-born, Houston-bred rhymer has made the most of his early success. But along with his accomplishments in music, Ugly God has also proven to be a fan of Mother Nature and grown fond of rare animals and reptiles, in particular lizards.

Known for documenting his adventures with the small reptiles, fans are familiar with seeing the 21-year-old rapper hang lizards off his nose on his multiple social media accounts. Die-hard Ugly God fans have even made his love for lizards go viral online by compiling Instagram videos of him with a slew of lizards. One of the compilation videos has amassed over 450,000 views on YouTube, proving Ugly God's craze for reptiles is being seen far and wide.

Taking his love for reptiles a step further, The Booty Tape creator has even included lizards as part of the cover artwork for his hit single "Water." Appointing himself as rap's only "Lizard Man," Ugly God has even represented for his wild life friends through a number of his songs. On one of those tracks, "No Lies," UG spits, "Tell the truth, save them lies goodness gracious/Lizard Man, Ugly God, Pussy Bacon, Booty Gang, underground sensation."

Ugly God's affection for lizards hasn't gone unnoticed by his rap peers as well. Last year, newcomer Trippie Redd paid tribute on social media to Ugly God's love for lizards by getting a signature reptile nose ring.

With Ugly God's love for reptiles in mind, XXL partnered up with the Fauna NYC pet shop to bring a full-fledged habitat to rap's self-proclaimed Lizard Man. With the help of professional reptile handlers Megan Sweeny and Daniel Kopulos, Ugly God was put to the test as he learned all about an ornate uromastyx, carpet python, blue-eyed Leucistic ball python and an Argus monitor.

Watch Ugly God hang with some reptile friends in the video below.

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