Ugly God is gearing up for the release of his Bumps & Bruises album but before the rapper drops the project, he shares a snippet of his latest song, "Powerade."

Produced by frequent collaborator Nikko Bunkin, the 2017 XXL Freshman shared the preview on his Instagram page on Monday (July 9). "bro i swear i'm the smoothest nigga, but no fr how y'all feel about this," the rapper wrote in the caption.

According to Ugly God, he's trying to avoid sounding like other rappers. "i know it's different, but i'm really trying to not sound like none of these niggas (even though i already don't). lemmie know in my comments."

The song finds Ugly God rapping over a smooth trap beat, as he spits, "And I flex every new moon/Ice around my neck look like full moon/Damn, Ugly God, you too smooth/I don't need to rap but I choose to/Might go back to school like I used to/Niggas stealing swag and I'm like, who's who."

The short song, which appears to be less than two minutes long also features a shoutout to the late XXXTentacion, who Ugly God recently honored on his song "Tear Drop." In "Powerade," Ugly God raps, "Rest in peace, X. Gone too soon."

Though Ugly God may be having fun experimenting with some new styles of music, his friend Lil Yachty isn't quite feeling it. Ugly God posted a screenshot of a conversation between him and Lil Boat about the song, to which Yachty responded "that ain't it bro." Fortunately it seems Ugly God wasn't too offended, posting the photo with the caption "get you a real friend who gon be honest 😂."

While Ugly God has yet to reveal a release date for Bumps & Bruises, the rapper says the project is on its way. "Bumps & Bruises coming soon....the most comfortable music..relax..smoke something," he wrote.

Listen to a snippet of "Powerade" and see Lil Yachty and Ugly God's conversation below.

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