Fans are patiently awaiting Ugly God's upcoming debut album after his monumental breakout year, and we're finally getting some more updates. While we're still a bit in the dark as far as an official release date, the 2017 XXL Freshman unveils the official cover art for his first studio project.

The album artwork appears to feature a throwback photo of the "No Lies" rapper during a holiday celebration, as he sits by a bunch of wrapped and unwrapped presents, showing off his newest gifts. There is also a marking on his cheek that reads "777," while he shares a very somber look into the camera. It's hard to tell what year this photo of Ugly God may be from, but we can only guess a backstory may be coming soon in anticipation of the new project.

The details around Ugly God's album are pretty scarce for the time being, but fans are tiding themselves over with the entertainer's recently-released Booty Tape, which was the rapper's debut project. Although he has been very vocal about not being happy with how the tape came out, it still received high praise from his large, growing fan base.

We'll keep you updated on more details to come surrounding Ugly God's debut album, but for now, we can expect it to hopefully hit our ears in the near future.

Check out the tweet from Ugly God unveiling his cover art for his debut album below.

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