Outside of his Just a Lil Something Before the Album project, Ugly God's been virtually silent for the majority of 2018. Sure, he's hinted at several projects in the works—and even let one lucky fan listen to one—but until this past weekend, the 2017 XXL Freshman had kept fans mostly in the dark about his future work. Now it looks as if there'll be two dropping before you know it.

On Saturday (Dec. 15), the "Boom!" rapper uploaded the artwork for his debut album, Bumps & Bruises, and another untitled effort. For the Bumps & Bruises cover, Ugly God is given the cartoon treatment as he and a lizard look at the effects of introspection. In his bio, the Houston rhymer says the album is "[sixteen] beautiful tracks full of rage."

For the second cover, Ugly God opted to use a photo of himself as a child in front of his family's Christmas tree. Not much is known about the 11-track project, but he has hinted two separate EP's titled It's Gonna Be One Ugly Winter and 777 this year, so hopefully it's one of the two.

In October, Ugly God released a trailer for Bumps & Bruises and explained why he rerecorded the album so many times. "There are plenty of [talented] artists out; too many to name," he began. "Some of these young guys make AMAZING ass music, and it made me a bit [insecure] about mine. It took me a while to [realize] that I make my own kind of art."

He then wrote: "I wanted to make sure this album is so smooth, it gives you guys [chills] every...single...song. The reason I named my album “Bumps & Bruises”, is because I fell into a year-long [depression]. the reason is a bit [personal] but people talking shit about me on the internet was just the cherry on top. I was so weak for lettting that shit get to me, but I’m [glad] I manned up and grew past it."

Hopefully he drops the projects before the new year. Take a look at the cover art for both below.

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