Trill Sammy has been consistently delivering new material throughout 2018, and he's back with another set of visuals. The Houston rapper releases his "Nah Foreal" video, which features him being confronted by Lil Dicky, who plays a hilariously aggressive cop.

While Sammy sits in the hot seat in the interrogation room, Dicky goes on to try and psychologically mess with him by pouring out bottles of water, threaten to call up his girlfriend and toy with her and much more. Despite the hardcore tone, it definitely produces some hilarious moments between the two rappers.

Aside from the police setting, Trill Sammy also hangs out with his girlfriend at home and recruits popular Instagram dancers Delaney Glazer, lexee Smith, and Gordon Watkins to show off some rooftop choreography. The original song is produced by Benny Blanco and Southside and stems from Sammy's previous No Sleep project.

This is one of many releases from the rising star this year, as Sammy previously released his "Feel Better" video with Slim Jxmmi, as well as his lavish "Do Not Disturb" visuals.

Watch Trill Sammy's "Nah Foreal" music video featuring Lil Dicky and more celebrity figures below to see all of the action go down.

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