In 2012, Georgia rap trio Travis Porter released their biggest single to date called "Ayy Ladies." The track featured Tyga and became their highest-charting single (No. 53 on the Hot 100), but one woman is claiming she helped on the song—and didn't see a penny in compensation.

According to TMZ, Singer Jasmine Usher was enlisted to provide backup vocals on the smash hit while she was in the studio for the recording of the song. But once the single was released, Usher claims she never got paid for her work, and now she's suing the group. She wants a cut of the royalties Travis Porter have earned from the song, as well as a portion of future profits from the track.

If she wins the lawsuit, she's probably entitled to a healthy amount of money. Indeed, you can hear a female voice saying "yeah" on the track, but that's about it. She doesn't seem to be credited as a writer, but perhaps that's what she's suing for.

This year alone, the trio has released two mixtapes in 2016, 285 and Good Times, but their most relevant move in recent memory was appearing on the late, great Bankroll Fresh's "Walked In."

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