Kanye West is known for being a little extreme when it comes to well...everything and Kim Kardashian-West doesn't trail far behind on the "that's just extra" scale. Well, a Page Six spy took keen notes on the celebrity couple's day of matrimony and you won't believe what took place at their lavish Florence wedding.

Here are the top five most outlandish antics reported from the wedding:

5. "Will Smith's son Jaden wore a white Batman costume and ran around like a chicken with its head cut off from 8:30pm until 10:25pm, batting glasses off the tables whenever he came to an empty seat, smashing them on the ground."

4. "Instead of place cards, they had a team of Italian stone masons engrave the name of each guest into the marble of the tabletop in front of the individual place settings."

3. They had a golden tower with bathrooms inside.  According to one Italian, “Their toilet was the star of the show.”"

2. "[Kim] was furious that a beam of light had hit her crotch (even though she was the one who walked into the beam), and started screaming, ran over to the electrical boards, and unplugged the entire circuit."

1. "Kanye returned one hour before the wedding and didn't like the all-white bar that was in front of the Gold Toilet Tower. He took a saw, and started sawing it in half himself. Two men held the bar stable as he sawed, and sawed, into the bar, defacing the entire front, screaming at everyone around him. He said it looked like a bar from Texas. Then he ordered two pieces of raw wood to be nailed onto the front of the bar. Once the wood was in place, "Now," he said, "It's art.""

Are you surprised by any of this?