On this day, July 4, in hip-hop history… 


1992: Twenty-two years ago rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot garnered the biggest hit of his career, “Baby Got Back.” The single dedicated to women with curvaceous backsides would earn the Seattle-born MC the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100, a position he would hold for five straight weeks.

The “Baby Got Back” video featuring rump shaking women and an ass mountain only added to the song’s success. Despite controversy from feminists over its choice topic, the smash single would go on to push his album Mack Daddy into the Top Ten, where it would win a Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance. Billboard magazine ranked it as the second biggest single of 1992, behind Boyz II Men's "End of the Road."

Sir Mix-a-Lot would release Chief Boot Knocka, in 1994 with the single "Put 'Em on the Glass," dedicated to the female form in hopes of another “Baby Got Back,” but it wouldn’t have the same crossover appeal. The rapper still performs the song that once made him a household name. Its mark on history will live on through wedding dances, parodies and rap references. -Chris Garner

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