“Roc Boys”
Produced by: Sean “Puffy” Combs and The Hitmen (LV, Sean C, D-Dot, and Mario Winans)

As of right now the new improved Puffy and company have 5 tracks slated on American Gangster. “Pray,” “No Hook,” “Party Life,” “Sweet,” and the recently leaked “Roc Boys.”

“Roc Boys” is the hustler at his height. It’s a celebration. “First of all, I want to thank my connect the most important person, with all due respect.”
Like, how you put him so high that you had to tell God, chill out, right? When I heard the horns, the first thing I said was that cause that’s what I do when I listen to music. I’m just giving all my secrets out, that’s what I’m supposed to do, right? Feed it back into the game and hopefully people will pick up on the things.
I represent hip-hop first and foremost. Like, when I go into a Biggie zone or Em zone or anybody else I mean, that’s what it’s about. I mean, I can rap. I’m not doing that ‘cause I’m at a lost for fuckin’ words. I’ve said a lot of words in my career. I got my words. I used vehemently in a rhyme, you know. I got a lot of words. I got a vast vocabulary. But when I heard the record, I was like, this shit sounds like a celebration, right. So that’s what it was.
So I got to mic, and the winner is: Hov. First off all, I want to thank my connect—with all due respect [Hov looks to the sky]. Thanks to the duffle bag. Nobody thanks the duffle bag. The brown paper bag. The Nike shoe box. That’s all part of your shit. You thank ‘em. Thank ‘em. Whoever made the stash… The guy who made the stash spot before the cops had the shit that popped everything open was a genius.
They should make a movie about him. They make movies about drug dealers, but what about the guy who made the stash spot. They did in a movie though. They gave it up to the guy who built the extra bottom on the boat in Cocaine Cowboys. They gave him a little look. We got to do that more. Like the drug dealer awards. But like they do in the Grammy’s, all the technical awards. Like all that shit. That’s hot!

Sean “Puffy” Combs:
The “Roc Boys” is crazy. It’s one of them urgent tracks. We all love the tracks that Hov does that are urgent. That really as soon as the needle hits it it just takes you on a journey. As soon as the needle hits it, it just feels like you just driving non-stop. The way these horns is playing it’s just… It’s also a different sounding joint for Jay. But it’s not too much of a departure where you can’t recognize the flavor it.

That was the first joint we did after we heard the first two of our songs [Jay recorded]. So me and Sean C. were excited. After we heard “No Hook” and “Sweet.” We was like, Oh, shit! We got mad amped and that’s how we came up “Roc Boys.” Coincidentally, Jay heard it and was on the same vibe like it was a celebration. That was one we made specifically for him. We wanted it to be that joint… You ever hear a joint on another nigga’s album like, Damn I wish did that beat?

Sean C:
That was something we didn’t have already. We did that for Jay. That was during that time after “Sweet” and “No Hook.” We was like we got to get a bunch of records. We went shopping and just started chopping more stuff up and that was one of the joints that came out of that. I’m excited to hear what people are gonna say about it. It don’t sound like any records that are out right now so I’m psyched to hear what people are gonna say about that shit.