Standout: "Last Words"

Also Check Out:"I Ride"

And: "U Ain't Gotta Hate"

Name: Da Duo KILO & OT

KILO: 25
OT: 23

Hometown: The Bronx, New York. (Gun Hill Projects)

We grew up listening to: We grew up listening to various artists and genres of music from Bone Thugs n Harmony to Michael Jackson. Of course DMX, Jay-Z, Nas and Eminem too. Most people would be surprised to hear we were also big fans of Green Day. We learned many things from them. Little tidbits here and there in terms of musicality, and we also nitpicked on how their chemistry was onstage. These artists helped mold our sound and broaden our music sonically.

Most people don't know I:
Kilo Da Don: When it comes to our music we rarely plan the ideas or format any of our records. We've somehow managed to get this far by never writing or rehearsing any of our verses together. Yes, it's crazy, but we have the strangest way of recording our songs. OT could hear a beat today and write the verse and the hook in about 20 minutes, and then afterwards, right then and there, he'll hit the booth to record the track. The next day I'll hear the track, lay my verse down and boom...We've got a hit.
OT: Most people don't know I used to draw and paint when I was in school. Painting was a hobby for me at one point, but somewhere down the line, it just got boring to me so I stopped and focused more on the music.

Our style's been compared to: Well, really our style has been compared to no one. However, I would say there are similarities to that of Meek Mill, mainly because of the hype-ness we put into our music, and the catchy hooks and heavy bars. But regardless of how amped or up-tempo we get we still like to be lyrical… I mean we are from the Bronx!

Our standout records and/or moments to date have been: Our most important record to date would be our latest one right now which is “Last Words.” When you hear it, the song has a real New York uptown sound and ring to it which we wanted to represent as our first single. Also, there's a track we have that is called "Everyday (Fast Cars)". It's been getting great responses from a ton of folks, so we really went in on that record. It's a real hype and bouncy record with a crazy hook that everybody seems to love right now.

Our standout moments would have to be the making of our videos and seeing the love and support we get from our fans. It's been amazing, we appreciate all of them. Plus being a part of XXLMag's "The Break" section...That’s big.

Our goal in Hip-Hop is: To have longevity and to be an inspiration to other artists from any region. We want to able to collectively use our music as a stepping stone or catalyst to open businesses and branch off onto other markets and ventures.

We're gonna be the next: Greatest hip hop group of all time. There's been a heap of memorable acts in the past of course, but currently it's sort of dry in the market. We just want to make an impact and be among the elite like Run DMC, Bone Thugs, Outkast, and EPMD. Yes, we're tryna be right there on that list. So look out for DA DUO.

To check out more of our music go to: Follow us on Twitter @daduo or check us out on Facebook. You can also check us out on Audiomack and Soundcloud.