Four Detroit teens were arrested this Saturday (Sept. 19) after neighbors complained that they were carrying guns and shooting them into the air. The young men, all of whom are between the ages of 16 and 19--at least one is believed to be a minor--were taken into custody while filming a rap video and allegedly carrying one assault rifle and three handguns. Authorities say that all four weapons were loaded, the handguns sporting extended magazines; they also claim that one of the teens fired a handgun at a police officer prior to his arrest. The officer was not hit and did not fire back. The four young men were taken into custody without further incident or injury.

A local man named Wayne Carter says he witnessed part of the video shoot and the arrest. "They were shooting a video, enjoying themselves," he said to a FOX 2 reporter in Detroit, who interjected that the boys "had guns." Carter was unmoved, saying "Everybody has guns. I have guns. Who doesn't have guns?" He went on to say, "They were shooting their video, putting it on Youtube, and that was that. I'm glad nobody got killed by the police." It does not appear that Detroit police had knowledge of the video shoot before concerned neighbors called 911. At press time, further details including the boys' names, court dates or formal charges were not available. Stay tuned to XXL for updates on the case as it unfolds.

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