We look out for homeless people look what we just did for him #Redemption #Couldntfindwillie today so we blessed somebody else today and showed love bow watch this this for all yaw think we ain't got good hearts we just want yaw to know we not like that PLEASE WATCH

Posted by Ebhate Skeez on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Detroit rapper known as Stizz was widely criticized for laughing as he filmed a McDonald's employee offering a homeless man some food then throwing water at the man. Stizz is trying to redeem himself and decided to do so in a bizarre manner.

Stizz and a friend took to the streets and gave out Gucci bags to homeless people. In the self-serving video, Steez tries to prove he's not a "bad guy" by showing off this kindness with this deed. One can only speculate why someone would think a homeless person needs a Gucci bag instead of food, water, shelter and a host of other things.

CBS Detroit spoke to homeless advocate Shere Dore, who expressed her disappointment in Steez's actions.

"A Gucci bag isn’t food, water, toiletries, mental help, housing, a warm blanket," Dore said. "Sadly, the purse will be received and sold for up to $50 then a day later, the homeless individual is right back where they were. I’m not looking for the guy to give designer bags that mean nothing to the homeless. I think his action defines just out of touch he is with the homeless.”

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