TeeCee4800 reps his gang in his new street video with Vince Staples and D. Loc.

The west coast-bred MC calls two other Cali artists to join him for the “Crippin” visuals. witch catches Teecee getting his hair braided, Vince Staples ignoring some twerking action and D. Loc putting on for the infamous Crip gang as he parades around in a blue Yankees jacket while crip walking with his squad.

“Show them how we get it, how we crippin’, niggas aint with it/NY hat nigga that’s my fitted/Where you at? Nigga be specific,” TeeCee spits. “I pull up quick that’s how I'm crippin’/200 racks all up in my vision/But i’ll take more cause ain’t no limit/Ran through hoes should call me Emmitt/TC the Loc he about his business/If ain’t about money then I ain’t in it/Been broke for way too long/Now look how a nigga living/D. Loc been gone way too long/Now look how a nigga living/All we need is TC home, man that’ll be crippin.’”

TeeCee 4800 has been putting on for a while when it comes to the music but he’s also related to a well known singer-songwriter that has made a name for himself in this industry over the last few years, Ty Dolla $ign. Last year, the family linked up for a record called “No No No” which also featured AngelGold, TeeCee’s cousin and Ty Dolla $ign’s sister. The track also featured Ty $’s incarcerated brother TC. “No No No” is a record from AngelGold’s EP, HappyHours. The Westside MC also linked up with YG and cousin Ty $ for “Only Right,” which was a replicated video taken from the famous movie “Reservoir Dogs.”

We’re not sure what else TeeCee4800 has up his sleeve for 2017 but in the meanwhile, check out his “Crippin” video below.

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