Tee Grizzley and Timbaland have more than just a new song together. The 300 artist and the OG beat maker confirm that they've put the final touches on Tee Grizzley's new Scriptures project, which is produced by Timbo.

In an interview with Zane Lowe interview Beats 1 Radio posted Thursday (April 18), Tee Grizzley plays his Timbo-produced new song, "God's Warrior," before talking about how the unforeseen collaboration project happened after they randomly met at a studio session hosted by Kanye West in Miami. Later on, Timbo FaceTimes himself into the conversation to talk about working with Tee on the new album.

"Kanye wanted me to come to the studio," Grizzley tells Lowe. "He wanted to hear some of my new stuff, and for me to come hear his new stuff. It was my first time meeting him. It was crazy. My objective in the room was don’t say nothing, just listen. If somebody talk to you that’s the only time you can talk. So I’m just sitting back and everybody’s just vibing, kicking it. I play him some new stuff and they start going crazy."

"Real recognize real," Timbo says of the Detroit spitta. "Tee’s talent speaks for itself and it just draws me and everything we was doing just came out naturally the right way."

From there, Grizzley, who dropped off his Still My Moment project last fall, continues to describe the inspirational studio session with him, 'Ye and Timbo. The 25-year-old says he didn't know what to play for them at first but eventually picked a random song form them to hear. According to Tee, that's when the conversation shifted from a possible Tee and 'Ye collaboration to the creation of an entire project with just Tee and Timbaland.

"The focus shifted from them doing something to 'we need to do a whole tape. You and Timbaland need to do a whole tape.' Ye said you and Timbaland need to do a whole tape," Grizzley recalled.

Tee Grizzley and Timbaland's project doesn't have a confirmed drop date as of yet.

Watch Tee talk about his new song "God's Warrior," working with Timbaland and more for yourself below.

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