It still may be summer, but Christmas came early for relatives of TDE founder Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith. Top surprised his kin with a street full of new cars and posted a video of their amazing reaction on social media Sunday afternoon (Aug. 20).

The surprise went down in two parts. First, Top showed the four lucky ladies opening blue boxes of car keys.

"After we had lunch I turnt into Oprah Winfrey," Top wrote in the Instagram caption. "I started screaming you get a car and all of them started crying. It felt good being able to bless my family without them asking."

The second part of the surprise came when the group actually stepped outside to find the four new whips, complete with bows on, parked out front. The ladies are understandably moved to tears and one of his relatives is in such disbelief of the surprise, she collapses to the ground.

"Surprised my lil relatives with new cars 2day," Top later captioned the 20-second clip shot from his phone.

TDE execs have been in a generous mood lately. The same weekend Top shared this heart-warming clip, the Top Dawg's Punch gave fans out there hope about the long-awaited collab album between Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole—but not before having a little fun toying with their emotions. When a Twitter user asked the exec about the collab on Saturday, at first Punch said the duo would "probably never" get a project out together. Then he doubled back on his statement, writing “I was just playing about that dot and cole joint. It’s coming for sure maybe. I don’t know it might happen. Probably. Actually hit them."

Check out Top playing Santa in the clips below.

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