The Fugees

Wyclef And Lauryn Hill When They Were Young
With today marking the 18th anniversary of The Fugees' final album, The Score, it's only right to take a walk down memory lane. Check out photos of the clan in their young days in "Wyclef And Lauryn Hill When They Were Young."
20 Of The Best Rap Outros
We all know how that it’s important how you start an album or mixtape, but how you finish it is equally vital to the success of any project. The final song, or “Outro” if you will, is the conclusion. It’s the last piece to the puzzle the ar…
26 Hip-Hop Albums That Went 5x Platinum Or Higher
There was a time in hip-hop when album sales used to be astronomical. Can you remember the last album that went 5x Platinum? Now, album sales may not tell the whole story of how great the album is, however it is a significant factor of the album's impact at that point in time...
17 Rappers Who Crossed Over To Other Genres
Hip-hop has endured a tricky relationship with artists who straddle different musical genres. In many cases, rap purists reject cross-over attempts as acts of betrayal, while music aficionados outside of the hip-hop community tend to view them with a skeptical eye...

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