How Hip-Hop Is Celebrating 4/20
Happy 4/20!
As informal as it is, April 20 has come to be known as International Weed Day. The infamous 4/20 marks the date when weed smokers from around the world can light up in celebration of their lifestyle.
While there are plenty of stigmas associated with smoking weed, the plant has now been dec…
Waka Flocka Flame Picks Out the Hottest Weed Smoking Ladies
Earlier today, Waka Flocka Flame stopped by the XXL office to speak on his favorite pastimes while smoking weed and drop facts on his drug of choice. Along with dropping some knowledge on the drug known as cannabis, Waka went on our Insta gram and helped us find out some of the hottest ladies smokin…
HUF Teams Up With South Park for 4/20 Collaboration
Just in time for the 4/20 festivities, HUF teams up with American animated sitcom, South Park, on a limited edition collaboration themed after the 4/20 date.
The HUF x South Park collab, consists of a custom shaped skateboard deck, easy shorts, socks, tote, towel and tees, the 9-piece graphic collect…