Styles P and PETA link up. Today (Nov. 1), the animal advocacy group unveils a brand new Styles-featuring campaign promoting a plant-based diet. For the campaign, which is announced as World Vegan Month begins, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), takes a trip to the Brooklyn-based, Ghost-co-owned Juices for Life vegan juice bar.

Speaking on the benefits of sticking to plants, Styles P laughs as he describes the unexpected advantages of the diet. "A plant-based diet kinda makes your soul lighter," he begins in the video. "I had a newfound respect for all life."

Elsewhere in the video, Styles, who helped found Juices for Life in order to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to lower income neighborhoods, makes it known that he's also against the mistreatment of animals. After all, having survived the perils of Yonkers, N.Y., he knows the feeling.

"Coming from a poor community and [as] a brown man, I fully understand mistreatment," says Styles, who dropped off his Beloved joint project with Dave East last month. "It kinda made me have a deeper understanding for the animals."

It is with that empathy in mind that Styles is looking to promote PETA's message of Love Is Love.

Check out Styles P's new PETA video for yourself just below. When you're done, if you['re so inclined, check out PETA's free vegan starter kit.

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