After a year long hiatus, controversial shock jocks Star and Bucwild have inked a deal with the Mega Media Group and announced their return to New York radio with independent Top 40 station Pulse 87.7. Launching on January 15, 2008, Star, Bucwild and their returning co-hosts, White Trash Helene and Chris the Queer, will hold down the station's morning drive. “I am excited to return to the New York City airwaves and look forward to working with the Mega Media Group and Pulse 87,” Star said in a prepared statement. “We won't be buying our listeners.”

In 2001, the former Hot 97 host came under fire for playing effects in the wake of singer Aaliyah's death in plane accident. Two years later, he was fired from Hot and soon after singed a deal with competitor station Power 105.1. Despite having one of the highest rated syndicated programs in New York, he was subsequently fired and arrested in 2006 for defamatory comments made on air against rival DJ Envy's 4-year-old daughter.
During his time away from the airwaves, the self proclaimed “Hater” says he spent his time, “on the beautiful organic farms of Pennsylvania” and is ready to wipe his slate clean. “I'm just a jerk from Jersey,” he says. “There is no rivalries, no nothing.”

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