Ski Mask The Slump God teams with videographer Cole Bennett once again for a zany new visual. This one's for "BabyWipe," a cut he dropped back in April.

In the new video, Ski Mask's size fluctuates and his color continually changes as he seemingly cruises through different forms of existence. One moment, he's a greenish-turquoise astral projection sitting with his legs folded as he talks to himself. The next, he's the size of a cigarette, playfully rocking his head back-and-forth as his song plays. In other clips, we see his face has become distorted as he looks on in shock. In other words, this video is very, very trippy.

All in all, the "BabyWipe" video is just as inventive as his visual for "Catch Me Outside," which was also directed by Bennett. In that clip, Ski takes a trip around New York City's Time Square as he appears to experience the effects of multiple drugs hitting his system at once. Many of the same distortion effects are present, but it's probably even a bit more subdued compared to the "BabyWipe" video.

Ski is now over two months removed from dropping his You Will Regret mixtape, and it honestly feels as though he's still just getting started. Less than a week ago, he dropped a new Lil Yachty and A$AP Ferg-assisted track called "No Tilt," which was produced by TM88. A short while before that, he appeared on A$AP Ferg's “ILoveYourAunt.” He killed it both times.

Check out Ski's latest video below. It's only the second music video he's ever dropped.

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