Fans are impatiently awaiting Ski Mask the Slump God's Beware of the Book of Eli project, but it looks like he is keeping them satisfied with some new music. In response to H&M's latest hoodie controversy that had social media in a frenzy earlier this month, the Florida native is preparing a track called "The Coolest Monkey in the Jungle."

On Instagram, the "WTF!?" rapper shares a snippet of the track, which he reveals is produced by Murda. The song features Ski Mask spitting some fantasy-esque bars over the flute-infused instrumental.

"In my life I fucked a couple witches, think I'm a wizard," Ski Mask raps. "Hot as desert critters, I'm cooking gizzard."

The hook of the song has the "Poltergeist" rhymer proclaiming himself as the "coolest monkey in the jungle." He even addresses the White supremacists directly, which coincides with H&M being accused of racism after using a Black male child as their model for their "coolest monkey" hoodie.

"I'm the coolest monkey in the jungle/And tell the White supremacist to lick my big toe," Slump God exclaims.

There's no word on when the track will drop, but fans are hoping it will be sooner rather than later as they anticipate his next project.

Take a listen to the snippet of Ski Mask's "The Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" song in the post below.

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