Ski Mask The Slump God has some big plans for the future, and some of them include a plan to create a brand-new group and a clothing line. He revealed as much in an interview with XXL this week.

Speaking on everything from his Stokeley album to his wish to dive deeper into his stylistic bag, Ski let loose some bits about his new plans, which includes a new iteration of Very Rare, a rap group he started with the late XXXTentacion at the beginning of his career.

"Very Rare will always be a thing," Ski said. "I have Very Rare tatted on my face. X had Very Rare tatted on his body. Very Rare will always be a thing and I think I'm gonna continue that, but I'm gonna make a new group, clothing brand in general."

He continues, "I'm gonna keep Very Rare as a street brand, I wanna make a new clothing brand and group. It's gonna be more...high fashion. I wanna...have the collars, some fucking crazy material. I'm gonna create a new group, a new clothing line, high-end fashion streetwear."

Ski previously spoke on his grand plans for his Very Rare collective during his XXL Freshman interview last summer.

"My next goals would be definitely to start on either a label or keep getting myself together more," Ski said at the time. "I eventually want to get—’cause I have a group called Very Rare —I eventually want to get a big house for ’em and then like start from there and make sure everybody is on their shit."

Based on what Ski is saying now, Very Rare isn't going anywhere—but he himself is definitely adding more to his plate. Elsewhere in the interview, Ski speaks on Evil Twins, which is a collaborative project he plans to drop with Juice Wrld next year.

"Me and Juice decided we're gonna sit like a month in the same state, chill—whenever we want to though," Ski began. "Like we been just recording songs. Evil Twins just came about because we just see a lot of similarities into each other, you know what I mean, and we see a lot of differences."

Check out Ski Mask The Slump God's full interview with XXL below.

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