Ski Mask The Slump God is in dire straits. On Wednesday morning (March 21), the Florida rapper used his Twitter account to reveal that he has long suffered a health condition that will eventually require surgery.

"I Stunted My Growth And Got Some Type Of Fat Boy Disease And Have To Get Surgery Over My Heart On My Chest Been Avoiding This Since The Start Of My Career Checking It Out Today With A Positive Mind Pray For Me :)," wrote Ski, who reportedly has collabs with Busta Rhymes and Blac Chyna on the way.

While Ski hasn't made public the exact nature of his condition, it certainly sounds very serious and it looks like he's not taking any chances when it comes to dealing with it. On a brighter note, he is, by his own account, being positive as he approaches this situation.

In a follow-up tweet, Ski Mask alluded to jokes about his purported weight gain. "So Any One Saying I Got Fat Was A Joke To Me Lol," Ski wrote in his second tweet related to his health.

In that tweet, it seems he could be implying that any potential weight he's gained over the last year or so could have been a side effect of a condition he's yet to name. He hasn't elaborated any further.

Here's to hoping Ski is able to get the help he needs. Read Ski Mask's tweets below.

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