On Friday (June 8), Ski Mask The Slump God made good on his promise to deliver the new video for "DoIHaveTheSause?," a track off his new mixtape, Beware the Book of Eli.

Ski taps Cole Bennett to shoot the wacky new visual, which starts off with the rapper consuming his own brand of cereal. In another scene, he transforms into a 1970s-era character, complete with a flamboyant suit and a hilarious blond wig and mustache. In between, a bunch of trippy things happen, including Ski getting beamed up into a UFO.

"I said, hi!/Good afternoon (good afternoon)/My name is Ski, and I'm higher than cow that jumped over the moon (jumped over moon)," he raps. "Might be the coolest monkey in the jungle, but I'm not baboon (I'm not a baboon)/Like Nosferatu, vampire attire/What's on me, come with a tie and a suit (ooh wee)."

Ski and Cole continue their working relationship which we've previously seen on the video for "Catch Me Outside." Cole has become your favorite new rapper's favorite director over the past couple of years, working with a who's who of upcoming rap stars.

"It’s super organic and genuine," Bennett told XXL in April. "I did my first video with Smokepurpp at his mom’s house in Miami—him and Lil Pump with ARs and AK-47s and shit. They were just teenage kids messing around. I had no name for myself. Working with these people is fun because I’m able to have creative freedom; we’ve built this trust and friendship.”

Watch Ski Mask The Slump God's "DoIHaveTheSause?" video below.

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