Shy Glizzy is getting ready to put out a new project. With a mixtape on the way, the D.C. rapper has been dropping a few new tracks over the past couple of months to build up the hype. Glizzy's latest move is the release of a music video for the single "Rounds."

The new video sees Shy Glizzy living in the lap of luxury. The Glizzy Gang rapper is posted up in an extravagant home and enjoying the company of a beautiful woman. The two have a bit of a confrontation before settling their issue with an intimate encounter in the bedroom. This scene syncs up with a salacious verse from Glizzy on the track.

"Ooh that pussy so good/Yeah, she got that Meagan Good/Baddest bitch in my hood/Give me head while I hit the backwood/I can fuck all your bitches if I want to/On the low, I made a half a mill this summer/Swerving in a G like Master P up in a hummer/Glizzy got the thunder/Run up on me I'ma gun you, boom/I don't need nobody/Black John Gotti with the sawed off shotty/Keep it right beside me/Let a n---a try me/I'ma beam his ass right up like Scotty/Sometimes I ride in my big, big body/Bitch get inside it/Get so excited/Bitch get trifling/Took her to an island/You know we flew private/Shout out to the pilot," Shy Glizzy raps.

Fans can expect "Rounds" to appear on the upcoming mixtape Young Jefe 2, which does not have a release date. The project will serve as a sequel to Shizzy Glizzy's 2014 mixtape Young Jefe was hosted by Bigga Rankin.

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