Today, Oct. 21, 2015, marks the 25th anniversary of the classic American Sci-Fi film, Back to the Future II. But for sneakerheads, today could mean the possible release of the much-anticpated and rumored about, Self-lacing Nike Mags.

The coveted silhouette, which was worn in the film Michael J. Fox as he traveled into the future, has been the talk of the day thus far, as many sneakerheads are looking to see if the Swoosh actually releases the self-lacing Nike Mags. While rumors of the release have gotten stronger and stronger, we can now confirm that the first pair of self-lacing Nike Mags has made it all the way to New York, thanks to the tweet by Nike's PR, Heidi Burgett.

As of now, the release of this shoes still remains as a speculation, but a few more credible sources have taken to Twitter to confirm that shoe has actually made it to NYC.

The release of the Nike Air Mags still remains a mystery, but with the celebration of the 25th anniversary today, you never know if Nike actually surprises sneakerheads and fans of the movie with an unexpected release. Stay tuned with XXL for all of the last minute updates surrounding this shoe.

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