Music is a rare form of art where we get to hear new works even after the artist's death. Two years after Sean Price's death, the world will be presented with a new posthumous album from the Brooklyn spitter. Earlier this week, his label Duck Down tweeted out a video that announced the release date as August 8 for Imperius Rex.

The video shows a coin that magically comes back to life and starts spinning on a surface. You then hear Sean's voice as he talks about the state of the rap game: "What do I love about rap? Me! You know, you really had to be saying something to say it well, when I first came in the game. Now they say anything, so I can tell these kids don't have a lot of schooling, man. They sound like idiots. I'm nice. I don't care what they say as long as they go yell it. Sean P go in. I can live with that."

The title of the album might refer to a battle cry from a Marvel character Namor the Submariner. Although it doesn't seem P has ever mentioned Namor in his lyrics, Ras Kass does name drop him on a song that Sean Price is featured on called "Impossible Dream." That song comes off of Ras Kass and Apollo Brown's Blasphemy album.

Since P's death, we've slowly been treated to new material like the song "Definition of God," collectible items like the Sean Price Silverback Gorilla Box Set and a music video for "Rap Professor." His daughter has also helped keep his spirit alive by standing in for him and rapping his lyrics in the "Soul Perfect" video.

You can watch the video Duck Down posted today, below.

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