Sean Kingston is finding himself back in hot water when it comes to jewelry, and this time, he owes a fair amount of money for a piece. The "Beautiful Girls" singer reportedly purchased a rolex worth $46,000 back in June 2013, but according to the jeweler, he has only paid about half the bill since then, and now the jeweler has filed a lawsuit.

TMZ reports that the pop star paid $10,000 upfront to Norman Silver Diamonds, and then sent over a check for $36,000 to have the rolex shipped to one of his business associates. The jeweler claims that following the shipment, the Jamaican-American artist's check did not clear in the bank. Since June 2013, the man suing the hitmaker has received only $15,000 from him since the exchange, and court documents say Kingston still owes about $21,353 in total. Considering it's been four years since the initial payment, the superstar is being asked to throw in extra money with the lawsuit, which will cover damages and legal fees for the jeweler.

This isn't the first time Kingston has owed money for jewelry, as he was reportedly ordered by a juge to fork over $44,000 to Haimov Jewelers, whom he purchased a rolex and diamond bracelet from over a year ago. Unfortunately, having issues with jewelry seems to be a common trend for the rapper, as his chain was allegedly snatched right off of his neck by two men during an altercation in Los Angeles back in June 2016. Hopefully he can get these payments straightened out so he can keep his jewelry.

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