Russ' aversion to the proliferation of the promotion of drug use in rap is well documented. That fact has made him public enemy No. 1 for many rappers whose music is based around the topic. On Saturday (Sept. 15), the Zoo rapper got into a back and forth with Florida rhymer Fat Nick, where Russ accused the portly spitta of exploiting drug addiction for monetary gain.

Russ has been a trending topic over the past few days, after an interview on The Breakfast Club, where he claimed to have put paws on Smokepurpp. On Saturday, he addressed the backlash he receives for calling out what he sees is only right and ended up getting into it with Fat Nick on the topic.

"I’m really not with none of this negative shit," Russ tweeted. "That was never the message I was about or am about. But everyone has a threshold and a breaking point. You can’t poke someone constantly and expect for them to night turn around and bite."

Nick attempted to call Russ out and replied to the post, "When peep passed One my best friends My brother You tweeted talking down on kids with drug problems What you mean you not with negativity ? You really tried throwing dirt on my dead homie."

Russ wasn't trying to hear it and fire back, "You exploit drug addiction for money. You made merchandise with lean on the shirts. You smile next to lean everyday on your IG. You’re the epitome of 'do as I say, not as I do' If you know anything about kids THATS not how it works. You are part of the problem NOT the solution."

Nick retorted, bringing up his own addiction. "I talk about what I know I know what’s it’s like to have addiction cause yeha I have one," he tweeted. "I tell kids learn from my mistakes and don’t do em I’m very open But I never call kids losers which is what you do and put them down And you still talked shit about peep when he passed."

Russ was not with that logic replying, "'Hey kids learn from my addiction but at the same time buy shirts with lean on them because that’s my way of teaching you substance abuse is wrong' LMAO you’re delusional. Any logical human knows that you are EXPLOITING addiction. Wake up."

In the end, Nick refused to back down. "Understand addiction, take a walk in these shoes first, you wanna talk about mental health problems hmu."

See Russ and Fat Nick's back and forth below.

See Tweets of Russ Accusing Fat Nick of Exploiting Drug Addiction for Money

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