[Editor's Note: In XXL's September issue, Rosa Acosta spoke on being named the hottest Eye Candy of all time and leaving the game behind. Here are outtakes that didn't make the magazine.]

As told to Sean A. Malcolm (@Sean_Malcolm)

XXL: What was the name of your first "urban" video and how that came about?

Rosa Acosta: So I’m going to go with best i ever had by drake.

Ah yes the infamous stretching video. Would you say that's how you started to get attention?

Hype introduced me to Kanye West and Kanye told me he was a fan of my work and he wanted me to be a part of one of his projects, which happened to be “Best I Ever Had.”

And in terms of "a fan of your work" what was he referring to?

Meaning I was a professional ballet dancer and came from an art background. The stretching video was definitely one of the things that put me out there. I heard the original post got over a million views within a few months.

What year was that original first post on youtube?


What was the reason for doing it? Did you do it on purpose, knowing a video of stretching would gain attention?

I was not really trying to be a model. I never grew up feeling like I was beautiful or my body was anything special. I’m sort of average in DR. I was going to massage therapy school with hopes of one day opening a spa and the owner of a site called flexichicks.net or com contacted me through myspace asking to shoot the stretching videos, stating only people that pay on his site was going to be able to see them. Then he put a teaser on youtube and that’s when all hell broke lose. [laughs]

What was that moment that made you decide that you can be a model?

I used to do a shoot or a music video sometimes as a favor to friends who couldnt find a model. I used to help friends get girls for videos and shoots, so when you look back on your career, you basically started three years ago, what would you say you've learned? What you took from the experiences and what do I have learned a lot and truly understood how things really work.

There are only a handful of household names for video vixens. You're one of them. Does it still feel like a whirlwind or surreal?

It feels good but not quite surreal since I never really dream about it.

You seem pretty grounded when it comes to this and no feeding into your ego or hype. Why do you think this is?

Because I can’t ever forget who I am and where I came from, and all the sandwiches I couldn’t afford [Laughs]. So I can’t do anything but be the same chick that came here with nothing but a chicken under her arm and dreams of retire my mom.

What else are you working on?

I also own an online boutique where I collaborate with up-and-coming designers to offer girls semi-exclusive designs, www.cossamia.com.

What was the last video you've done? And what year?

Probably “Come and Fuck With Me” with Omarion, and that was last year.

How important is it to connect with your fans through these social networks? And will you continue on with this even if you make your full transition?

Of course no matter what you do you need your fans. I love to share things with them especially about health and fitness. I like when people tell me I have inspired them.

Any final words for your fans who voted online and anyone else for that matter?

Yes, I want to thank everybody for supporting me! And I wish XXL feliz aniversario!!!

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