Riz Ahmed got to show his rapping ability to national audience. The actor is gaining all types of recognition for his role in the HBO hit series The Night Of, but Ahmed is also a rapper. During an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Ahmed got his chance to spit for many viewers who only know of his work in the acting world.

Stephen Colbert offered Riz Ahmed a beat, but the MC decided to spit an acapella. The actor began his freestyle around the 8:20 mark of the above video.

"Colbert in a black tie, what a sharp gent/Looks like the chat show version of Clark Kent/I’m from the U.K. where it's not just Downton Abbey and those posh peeps/Don’t believe that lie like you heard it from Ryan Lochte," Ahmed raps.

Riz Ahmed's profile is not just growing from his role as Nasir Khan in the aforementioned The Night Of series. He also appeared in the recently released Jason Bourne film. And on top of that, Ahmed landed a role in the highly anticipated Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Despite his busy acting scheduled, Riz Ahmed is still able to keep up his rapping exploits as Riz MC. Ahmed and Heems, together known as the Swet Shop Boys, are scheduled to drop a new album titled Cashmere on Oct. 14. Check out the official tracklist for it below.

1. "T5"
2. "Shoo-in"
3. "Aaja"
4. "Zayn Malik"
5. "Tiger Hologram"
6. "No Fly List"
7. "Phone Tap"
8. "Half Moghul Half Mowgli"
9. "Swish Swish"
10. "Shoes Off"
11. "Din-E-Llahi"

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