On May 11, 2001, Sporty Thievz member Marlon Brando was struck by a car in the Bronx and died at the age of 22. Prior to his death, Brando made a name for himself alongside his partners in rhyme King Kirk and Big Dubez. Known for their comical take on everyday topics, the group’s claim to fame was “No Pigeons,” their answer record to TLC’s smash hit “No Scrubs.”

In memory of Brando and the Thievz’s place in hip-hop history, we’ve compiled a few of the group’s most memorable tracks.

“No Pigeons” Sporty Thievz

“Cheapskate” Sporty Thievz

“Cheapskate (Remix)” Sporty Thievz

“Hit it Up” Sporty Thievz

“Uh Oh” Sporty Thievz feat. Pace Won