So it finally happened on the Funkmaster "Thanks for my shout-out" Flex show last night, Hova responded to the attacks of the Capo, himself, Harlem's Jim Jones. Here's what El Presidente had to say:

"You don't get to where I got without developing thick skin. You have to because I mean when you look at the people who's saying things about you, you got to evaluate. We need like a hip-hop board to approve certain things. Like who is Jim Jones to be saying something about me? He doesn't have a… if we lookin' at it as far as career accomplishments. Or we looking at is as far as a lyrical skill. Like who is… that's like the 9th guy off the bench just shouting "You a bum" to the superstar on court putting up 50 every night. This is the ninth guy like "You a bum. You suck!" We need a board to approve some of these moves 'cause these guys is just doing anything."

"It's just crazy like You? Like him? That's how I feel about it. I'm like what has he done? What has he done to warrant that? Does he have a classic album? No. Is he on anybody's top ten list? No. Does he have any hardware on his wall? No. So who is that guy to say anything about me? You guys are just gonna let this go. Like the hip-hop world is cool with this? Like this is fine with you guys?"

Woah! Bet you the Dips were in the stu last night cookin' up some murderous material like mad men. And as far as the hip-hop board thing goes, shit I'm all for it since I prolly got a good shot of being the chairman of that muthafucka. Yo I called over to the other spot Hov, and the wife's out to lunch but as soon as she gets back we're gonna get crackin' on this. Wish us luck! Rap journalist powers—activate! Niggas can never catch my vibe, right DV?