We've been hearing the talk for years. But it finally looks like legendary New Jersey spitta Redman is going to drop the long-awaited part dos of his magnum opus, Muddy Waters.

On Thursday (March 1), Red tweeted a promotional graphic for the album with the words: "Muddy Waters Too, The Album, Coming Soon."

He captioned the tweet, "WUZZZAAAAAPPPPP ! THE BEGINNING !! NO TALKN !!"

Red is well aware that we've heard him tease the project for years without getting the LP. Five years ago, he said he was hard at work making the album happen. "I've been working, trying to get this Muddy Waters 2 album out," he said. "I'm releasing an EP first, and then dropping the album maybe next year. But the EP is coming first, Muddy Waters 2: The Preload EP. It's not a continuation—I'm not trying to top the first one—but it's even muddier...Just trying to keep the tradition of the '90s feel, '90s sound and good music."

Neither project dropped, but he did release the Remixxes mixtape that October. In 2015, he put out the album Mudface. Last May, he shared a preview of the Muddy Waters Too album on Instagram. "I've been pulling all nighters. Work, work, work!" he exclaims in the clip.

Now, this latest announcement did not come with an official release date attached, so we are still looking at Funk Dr. with the thinking face emoji. But it sounds like the sequel is really almost upon us.

Check out Redman's announcement below.

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