Paying tribute to the 1986 World Series Champions, the New York Mets, footwear company PONY will be launching a pack of sneakers honoring the MLB team from Queens.

Taking the classic PONY Top Star silhouette, the New York-based brand adds a refreshing touch to 1975 sport shoe. The TopStar Hi is featured in monochrome black and the TopStar Lo in a pure white. Both models are materialized with a full premium glove leather upper and breathable canvas lining. The silhouettes include a hand-woven leather Chevron stitched into the upper, mimicking the aesthetic of the ’86 Mets baseball stich logo. Gold metal hardware is built onto the heel of both models, representing the MLB Commissioners Trophy and the ’86 Mets’ championship glory.

Both PONY Top Star silhouettes will be available tomorrow, April 11, exclusively through Each model will be limited to 300 pairs.

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