Hells Angels

See, I'm not a religious person, but there's a certain line I don't cross. I won't want to offend peoples' beliefs, faith in their god etc. But The World's Most Infamous frontman Prodigy, who is already a habitual line crosser, just took blasphemy to the next level. I'm torn on whether his verse is creative genius or just plain sacrilegious on the new Mobb Deep/50 Cent collaboration "Pearly Gates". Now before you go and burn your bibles to this track, here's some of Bandana P's other classic crack baby moments:

"A little blood get on my daughter its nothing she'll live" - Got It Twisted

"God Ain't Save Me, 50 Did" -G-Unit Radio Freestyle

Only god can judge P, but Ill type it out, post a link and then you can judge yourself. Between this verse and Ma$e's personal Holy War, I'm starting to think that somewhere along the line 50 made a joint venture with the devil. Listen to "Pearly Gates" here. And here's the verse:

"Now homie if I go to hell and you make it to the pearly gates

Tell the boss man we got beef

And tell his only son Im'a see him when I see him

And when I see him, Im'a beat him like the movie

For leaving us out to dry in straight poverty

For not showing me no signs they watching over me

Look, we the new breed in 2006

We don't give a fuck about that religious bullshit

Nigga show me where the cash at

And nice whips with the 3 car garage to fit them shits

Man my life is painful, pray to angels

Or praying to myself hoping I don't have to spank you

My bullets will shank you

And when my gun start cutting, ain't nobody gonna save you

In the bible times, they ain't have to deal with the shit

We dealing with, this survival times"