On January 25 in New York City Hip-Hop fans of all ages and backgrounds will descend on the Highline Ballroom for the 1st Annual Hip-Hop Karaoke Championships. Launched in 2004, Hip-Hop Karaoke has grown from a small event at a local club to one of the largest monthly events currently happening in New York City. Hip-Hop Karaoke works much like regular karaoke, but with Hip-Hop. Prior to taking the stage, contestants select a song from a predetermined list. When their name is called, they grab a mic, hit the stage and try their best to rap the song’s lyrics over the original instrumental. For the championship battle, the founders have recruited legendary De La Soul producer Prince Paul, TV and radio host Ralph McDaniels and Dres of Black Sheep as judges. A group of 12 contestants, chosen for their passionate past performances, will compete for the title of Hip-Hop Karaoke Champion of 2008. The 1st Annual Hip-Hop Karaoke Championship goes down at the Highline Ballroom at 9:00 p.m. on January 25. For more information visit, http://www.hiphopkaraokenyc.com/.