As anticipation grows for the release of the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton, more and more bumps in the road continue to arise. After the Universal Pictures produced film released a blatantly racist casting call earlier today through Sande Alessi Casting, all hell broke loose. The categories causing the most attention asked specifically for overweight African-American girls with medium or dark skin to play poor people in the movie, while asking for only light skin girls to play the "fine girls" or what they call, "the Beyoncé prototype". Now according to TMZ, the casting agency is admitting to their faults.

A rep from Sande Alessi Casting told TMZ, "they're NOT just casting overweight, dark-skinned black girls to play "poor" people in the movie and the casting ad was an "innocent mistake." The rep went on to confirm they are looking for women of various skin tones and body types to play the "poor" characters in the film.

When asked about the "A,B,C,D" rating system for women, Sande Alessi Casting admitted "it's the usual method they use to look for different types of people for any project and it wasn't meant to offend anyone."


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