People thought Baauer would be a one-hit wonder with "Harlem Shake," but the producer has managed to stay afloat with an original sound and an eclectic mix of guests on his songs. On "Day Ones" he continues to push the limits with UK rapper Novelist and the masked Brooklyn rapper Leikeli 47.

In the video directed by Hiro Murai, British red coats clash with soldiers of the revolution in an empty parking lot. The video has the surreal feel of a David Lynch film as we watch what happens in a seedy suburban neighborhood.

More time with the Gs / More time aim for the Co-Ds / On the block with the Mandem / And you know we don't like beliefs / From day one, nigga, I'll buck and squeeze / I'll pop the streets, yeah, I'll do it with ease / South is where you'll find me / Don't trust anyone cuh the road's grimy," spits Novelist, one of the grime scene's most respected lyricists.

Leikeli also went on Genius and posted a couple short annotations about her lyrics. When she says, "Free my nigga Hood / It's a blood thing nigga," she's talking about her cousin who's currently incarcerated. She also makes sure that people know when she mentions "Bainbridge," she's talking about Bainbridge Street in Brooklyn.

Last week Baauer also debuted a new song called "Temple" with M.I.A. and G-Dragon at NY Fashion Week.

What might be most interesting about this video, however, is that Apple Music provides an embed code. It seems to be a crap shoot as to which videos Apple Music allows users to embed. Music videos tend to get the option, but interviews like the one between Khaled and Future don't.