Dun Deal has been grinding for a minute now behind the boards in Atlanta, but the past year has seen his visibility and popularity skyrocket after he crafted genuine breakout hits like Migos' "Hannah Montana" and Young Thug's "Stoner." He sat down with MercyHope Productions to talk about how practice makes perfect, and that only by focus and dedication can you improve at your craft.

"There's always ways you can get better," he says. "I feel like it's very important to practice at your craft as much as you can. If you really focus in on something, you get better at it...there was a certain sound I felt like I was missing when I first started. And the more I did it every day, I started to catch that formula to make those type of songs where they could be on the radio."

Check the full video above, and check out the other installments of the Blueprint Minute series right here.

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