Lil' Wayne's recent comment about mixtape DJ's is coming back to bite him where it hurts worse: potential album sales.

The Cash Money star unexpectedly criticized the underground industry in an interview with Foundation Magazine, a title dedicated to covering the mixtape game.

The rapper, whose DJ Drama hosted Dedication series and DJ Khaled fronted Da Drought 3 catapulted his stock among fans, responded to a question about his favorite mixtape DJ by lashing out: "Fuck you if you a mixtape DJ."

"I created the mixtape game, but I'm not into that no more," Wayne said. "I'm doing Lil' Wayne. I'm against it, anti-mixtape dude. I don't know no mixtape DJs." The comment seemed directed at various DJs who have put together their own Lil' Wayne compilations without the rapper's approval, this despite the fact he often leaks his material himself.

Regardless, various DJs are now leaking Lil' Wayne's highly-anticipated Tha Carter III in protest.

The album is due to be released June 10, and was expected to sell well, but downloadable links to the project have popped up everywhere online.

One anonymous DJ attached a letter with the album responding to Wayne's comments.

"Lately Lil Wayne, dubbed "The Greatest Rapper Alive," has taken a shot at all mixtape DJs," the note began. "I myself am a DJ and I found his inappropriateness to be unprofessional considering how this album is highly anticipated. So, I have received this version from a contact who's name I won't disclose for his safety and reputation. But since I can give a fuck about "The Rapper Eater," here's a gift for his fans as a big "Fuck You" to Sir Lil' Weezy."

Another DJ, a high-profile Southern spinner, also sent a blast echoing the anti-Weezy sentiments. The DJ said he was speaking out for all his fellow DJs and couldn't let Lil' Wayne off the hook for his comments. He ended his blast by apologizing to the rapper's label and explaining he understands if any relationships he has with the company would end as the result of his actions but he noted he had to take a stand.

DJ Doo Wop was among the first to start the backlash against Lil' Wayne with a a video montage he created featuring images of Wayne and audio from the Cash Money camp profusely thanking DJs.

Lil Wayne's label, Universal Records, has not issued a statement in regard to his mixtape comment or the leak of Tha Carter III.---Jayson Rodriguez