Gearing up for the release of his highly-anticipated album Wildflower, Nessly drops off his latest track, "Whohasit."

With some help from Ski Mask The Slump God, Nessly lets listeners know who has next on the infectious track. "You said he moonwalking, he just moving backwards/I'm really Michael Jordan, I dance like Michael Jackson/I'ma snatch a Grammy/I'ma snatch a Lambo," he spits over the TM88-produced beat.

Nessly then delivers a hook that will instantly get stuck in your head over a high-pitched, almost haunting sample. "I gotta flex habit, I'ma sex addict/I don't text her back, she said I'm moving backward/Bitch, I'm next who has it/Bitch, I'm next who has it," he croons.

Last month, Nessly dropped the single "Back 2 Life" off of his upcoming album. The project is set to release on Feb. 28 and will be co-produced entirely by Nessly and TM88. The album will also be the rapper's first project since signing to Republic Records.

Following his deal, Nessly spoke to XXL and revealed why he chose to sign with the label. "There was no rush for me to sign," he said. "After meeting after meeting, I was searching for a home team, one where I know we'll make every shot and take home the trophy. I never came in with the intention to remain small and I wanted to make sure I partnered with the most focused and driven team."

Nessly also praised Republic for seeing his vision. "Republic understands my plan to push a stronger sound and elevate into an every day name without a gimmick," he added. "Longevity is at the top of my list and this is the initial step."

Listen to "Whohasit" below.

Republic Records
Republic Records

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