Most artists have given their full support to Frank Ocean since he came out as a bisexual last Tuesday (July 3).

Odd Future’s R&B crooner received support from the likes of his OF family Tyler, The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt, hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, Jay-Z, wife Beyoncé, Busta Rhymes and Trina to name a few.

Yet, one MC is questioning Ocean’s decision to come out at time he did. Shortly after Ocean announced he was bisexual via his Tumblr account, he surprised fans by releasing his Channel Orange album yesterday (July 9), moving it up from the original date of July 17 amongst the worldwide trending topic-buzz of his coming out announcement.

New York City rapper Mysonne took to his Twitter on Tuesday (July 10), blasting the singer for what he believes was a carefully-plotted ploy to sell more albums.

“it time for #Realtalk i haven’t talked about some realshit in a min…Now how do yall feel about this Frank Ocean Situation?” Mysonne started the dialogue saying. “i think these niggas is cowards that looking for exposure and buzzes, so they wait til albums drop to tell you there true Sexuality.”

“Never mind that youve built a career off of obvious deceit and false hood, but people say its ok cuz he can sing,” he added. What happened to integrity? What happened to judging a man by his character. There are no more boundaries or rules and this is why Suckas can Rule! the fact that he’s gay means nothing to me and had he been real and i still liked his music i would support him, But fake shit is fake shit!”

An article posted on Entertainment Weekly’s website today (July 10), the outlet confirmed that Ocean’s early album release, New York Times write-up and surprise announcement of the LP moving up in date made on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

“Frank’s appearance on the show was on the books for almost two months, well before his letter last week,” Late Night booker Jonathan Cohen confirmed to EW in an e-mail. “The announcement of the early digital release was part of the plan from the very beginning.”—Jakinder Singh

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