Mozzy addresses the injustices facing the Black community in his latest visual. The Sacramento rapper highlights the police brutality plaguing this country in "The People Plan" music video.

Mozzy says it's all part of a larger plan, painting a grim picture where nothing really changes.

"Momma couldn’t save you from the judge, they the Klan/Black on black crime is a part of them people plan/40 acres and a mule mean they worked us off the land/Let the jury hang us when the witness hit the stand/The dream died, Dr. King got blammed/Trying to stand up for us, now look at where we stand," Mozzy raps.

"The People Plan" appears on Mozzy's new album, Fake Famous, which dropped a few weeks ago. The project continues the talented MC's furious pace of new releases, which is no shock given his work ethic. Back in October, Mozzy told XXL that he is either writing or recording every single day.

“I wake up and try to record," he said. "And if I’m not recording, I’m writing for sure. I write every day, it’s mandatory. I record at least twice a week and when I get in there, I don’t be playing; this what I love to do."

If you've been sleeping on Mozzy, now is as good a time as ever to jump on the bandwagon. Listen to the Fake Famous LP and check out XXL's interview with the "1 Up Top Fina Drop" rapper for more insight about his career.

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