Mozzy has already started 2018 on an incredibly prosperous note, receiving huge co-signs from major stars, and he returns with another set of visuals. The California native unveils the official music video for his "No Choice" record with Rayven Justice off of his new Spiritual Conversations EP.

Mozzy drives through some gritty streets at night time, where he witnesses all of the tragic action that takes place within the hustler lifestyle. As the West Coast rapper and Oakland singer ponder upon their previous experiences within the streets, they eventually find a way out of the dangerous cycle and embrace their success.

The visuals also feature some of the unfortunate events that take place in the streets, including cases of police brutality.

Mozzy released his Spiritual Conversations EP yesterday (March 1), which features six new tracks from the Sacramento-bred entertainer.

Things have been progressing swiftly for the MC, who recently appeared on Kendrick Lamar and TDE's curated Black Panther soundtrack. He was also given a big shout out at the 2018 Grammy Awards from K. Dot, himself, during his acceptance speech.

Watch the music video for Mozzy's "No Choice" record with Rayven Justice to see them leave the street life behind.

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