Out West, a rapper named Mozzy is making a ton of noise on his own in recent months. In 2015 he dropped three excellent projects - Gangland Landscape, Bladadah, and Yellow Tape Activities - and started buzzing like crazy outside of his Sacramento hometown. Now it seems like he's been gaining some attention from major labels too.

In a new in-depth profile for Sacramento News & Review, Mozzy reveals that he's got labels like Epic and Atlantic competing for his signature. He just put out a new album called Beautiful Struggle via Empire, a well-established independent distributor, and he's done business with Black Market Records in the past, owned by Cedric Singleton, but he is apparently yet to sign a long term deal with anyone as of yet.

It doesn't seem like there's any rush, either. Like Kevin Gates before him, Mozzy is a massively popular local act but not nearly as big across the country. Multiple videos on YouTube like "Ain't Shit Happen" and "Bladadah" from last year have already racked up millions of plays, and more people continue to discover his incredible style every day. It's natural that major labels come to the table to try and get a piece for themselves, as Mozzy has been selling physical copies of his CDs on his own for awhile now.

Atlantic's been snatching new talent up lately, with Lil Uzi Vert being one of their biggest new signees, while Epic has been doing big things with Travis Scott and Future. Could a West Coast gangster rapper fit in to their ecosystems, and would it be more of a partnership than a straight up deal?

Regardless of what he does, Mozzy is nonetheless one of the most dazzling rappers we've heard in years. Listen to those three albums he dropped last year, plus Beautiful Struggle, if you aren't familiar.

XXL reached out to Epic and Atlantic for comment but has yet to hear back.

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