Southern California is a hot bed for rap talent. But despite a few acts that made it to the mainstream, the Golden State's capital city of Sacramento has been largely overlooked. Mozzy is trying to change that. The Sactown gangsta rapper, who has been grinding for half a decade, has been making a name for himself recently as a player to look out for on the Left Coast. Back in December he appeared on the YG track "Mad City" along with Slim400. Now we get the album from the up-and-comer, Beautiful Struggle.

The 12 song collection features appearances from relative newcomers Stunna June, J3, Kid Red and E Mozzy and is pure unadulterated Cali gang bang rap.

This is the follow up project to Mozzy's album Yellow Tape Activities which was released last November. That was the third project he put out in 2015. Don't expect any slowing down from the gully MC.

"I’m blowing past a lot of niggas based on my shit is reality," Mozzy said in a recent interview with Noisey. "The people hear passion, the people hear sincerity, it’s heart-feeling and it’s heart-breaking. These niggas are vibing with me. The people hear the creativity. It’s creativity in my shit. I’m not saying regular words. I’m not utilizing what everybody else is utilizing. I’ll make up some shit. Bladadah. Who the fuck makes up Bladadah? Niggas ain’t got no creativity, so I’m gonna keep outshining these niggas."

Stream Beautiful Struggle, below.

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